Latisha's House Foundation, Inc.

 This organization is dedicated to giving women and girls who are trapped in negative circumstances: homeless, out of foster care with no place to go, and the sex industry, a safe way out and the education, medical care, and financial resources to truly "find their way home."  Our first Latisha's Home will be built in Williamsburg, Virginia.  There are plans for a second home in the Charlottesville area in the next year.

In the United States alone there are estimates of 100- thousand to 300-thousand girls entrapped every year.  The number of girls and women enslaved world wide is estimated to be at least thirty million. The porn industry, strip clubs, gangs, and organized crime with the internet enslave women.  Sex slaves are not just found in Thailand and Eastern Europe.  They are in almost every city in the United States.


Girls and women who are trapped in this industry by force or by choice are often drug addicted, helpless, and abused.  Young ladies that leave foster homes with no family ties and stability, girls that are abused, and runaways are just ripe for exploitation and manipulation.  Working together and with Latisha's Homes in our communities, we can ensure better odds for future generations of women with a safe home, medical treatment for HIV and drug addiction, GED classes, job training and  placement.


Changing one life at a time, changing the world for future generations